African Blackwood 4″ x 4 x 3″


african blackwoodafrican blackwoodAfrican Blackwood- Dalbergia Melanoxylon
Origin Africa/Mozambique -SG 1.2
The heartwood is very dark black to a purplish heartwood, the sapwood is a contrasting yellow to White. It is close grained and very heavy but due to the small size of the trees, larger pieces of the timber are difficult to recover.
Weighing 1,200Kg’s per M3 at a SG of 12% it is extremely durable but takes a fine finish and varnishes and oils well. It is used in musical instruments, Bagpipes, Clarinets and wind Instruments woodturning and carving.
Also good for chatter work.

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African Blackwood 4″ x 4 x 3″