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  • Indian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Backs and Sides (SET16) Western Size


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    Back – 560 x 220 mm Sides – 870 x 140 mm

    Indian Rosewood  is a tropical hardwood native to India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. Indian Rosewood is a popular choice for the back and sides of acoustic guitars. Let’s dive into the details:

    1. Appearance and Characteristics:
      • Colour: Indian Rosewood has a beautiful dark brown colour.
      • Hardness: As a hardwood, it is sturdy and durable.
    2. Tonewood Pairing:
      • When used as the back and sides of a guitar, Indian Rosewood complements the top wood (usually spruce) by enhancing resonance and sustain.
      • The combination of a solid spruce top with Indian Rosewood back and sides results in a full, balanced tone.


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