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  • Mahogany – 21″ x 7.5″ x 2″ Approx – Air Dried (1M1)


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    Mahogany wood is renowned for its rich, reddish-brown colour, exceptional durability, and timeless beauty. Highly valued by craftsmen, furniture makers, and builders, this hardwood is synonymous with luxury and quality. Whether used for fine furniture, cabinetry, or musical instruments, mahogany adds elegance and sophistication to any project.


    • Aesthetic Appeal: Mahogany boasts a deep, reddish-brown hue that darkens with age, adding to its allure. The wood often features a straight, fine grain, with occasional interlocking patterns that enhance its visual appeal.
    • Durability: Known for its strength and resistance to decay, mahogany is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its density and hardness make it durable and long-lasting.
    • Workability: Mahogany is easy to work with, allowing for smooth cuts and fine finishes. It sands, stains, and polishes beautifully, resulting in a high-gloss finish that highlights its natural beauty.
    • Stability: This hardwood has excellent dimensional stability, meaning it resists warping, shrinking, and swelling, making it ideal for intricate woodworking projects.

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