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  • Mexican Cocobolo – 1″ x 2.5″ x 12” (A1)


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    Cocobolo Wood: Crafted Excellence

    Cocobolo, also known as a rosewood, is a rare and exquisite hardwood. Here’s why it’s perfect for your artisanal creations:

    1. Stunning Aesthetics: Cocobolo boasts rich, dark red hues with occasional black striations. Its fine texture and straight grain make it visually captivating.
    2. Durability: This wood is decay-resistant and impervious to insect attacks. It’s ideal for enduring craftsmanship.
    3. Natural Luster: Even when freshly cut, cocobolo exhibits a beautiful natural sheen.
    4. Versatility: Use it for architectural woodwork, turnery, tool handles, musical instruments, and specialty items.
    5. Craftsman’s Choice: Cocobolo makes exceptional cutlery handles, adding both elegance and functionality.


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