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  • Wenge – 10″ x 10″ x 1″ (V2)


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    Experience the Richness of Wenge Wood

    Welcome to ExoticHardwoodsUKLTD, your premier destination for exquisite Wenge wood. Embrace the natural beauty and exceptional quality of this remarkable wood species, perfect for adding depth and character to your woodworking projects.

    Exotic Beauty:
    Discover the allure of Wenge wood, prized for its rich, dark colour and distinctive grain patterns. Each piece of Wenge exudes a sense of exotic elegance, making it the perfect choice for those seeking to create truly unique and captivating pieces.

    Versatile Applications:
    From stunning furniture pieces to intricate decorative accents, Wenge wood lends itself to a wide range of applications. Its dense grain structure and excellent workability make it ideal for carving, turning, and shaping, allowing craftsmen to bring their creative visions to life with ease.


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