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    Flamed maple, also known as “tiger maple” or “fiddleback maple,” is a distinctive type of wood that features a striking pattern resembling flames or waves across its grain. This unique appearance is the result of a natural anomaly in the growth of the maple tree, leading to the fibrous structures within the wood to undulate and create an optical illusion of depth and movement. Originating from various regions, including North America and parts of Europe, flamed maple has been celebrated for its beauty and rarity.

    This exquisite wood is highly sought after for a variety of applications, most notably in the crafting of musical instruments. Its exceptional acoustic properties, combined with its aesthetic appeal, make it an ideal choice for the bodies and necks of guitars, violins, and other stringed instruments. Beyond the realm of music, flamed maple is also used in fine furniture, decorative veneers, and luxury car interiors, where its unique pattern can add a touch of elegance and exclusivity.

    Exotic Hardwoods UK Ltd is a leading supplier of exotic hardwoods, including flamed maple. They are renowned for their extensive selection of high-quality woods, catering to craftsmen, musicians, and designers seeking unique materials for their projects. With a commitment to sustainability and excellence, Exotic Hardwoods UK Ltd sources the finest flamed maple and other exotic woods, ensuring that each piece meets their stringent standards for quality and beauty. As a trusted name in the industry, Exotic Hardwoods UK Ltd provides not only premium materials but also expert advice and service, making it a go-to source for anyone looking to incorporate the natural elegance of flamed maple into their work.