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    Hickory is a type of wood that originates from the deciduous tree family Carya, primarily found in North America and parts of Asia. Renowned for its remarkable strength, durability, and distinctive grain patterns, hickory wood is a prized material in various industries. Its density and toughness make it one of the hardest, heaviest, and strongest woods native to the United States, setting a high standard for durability and resilience in the realm of hardwoods.

    Historically, hickory has been utilised for a wide array of purposes. In the past, its applications ranged from making Native American tools and weapons to the handles of striking tools, such as axes and hammers, benefiting from its shock-resistant properties. Today, hickory’s uses have expanded to include flooring, cabinetry, and furniture due to its aesthetic appeal and long-lasting nature. Additionally, hickory is favoured in the culinary world for smoking meat, offering a distinct flavour that is highly sought after by chefs and barbecue enthusiasts alike.

    Exotic Hardwoods UK Ltd emerges as a leading supplier in the niche of exotic hardwoods, including hickory. This company specialises in providing a vast selection of high-quality hardwoods, catering to the diverse needs of craftsmen, woodworkers, and designers seeking unique and durable materials for their projects. By offering hickory, Exotic Hardwoods UK Ltd addresses the demand for a hardwood that combines beauty with exceptional physical properties, making it ideal for a multitude of applications. Their commitment to supplying premium exotic hardwoods underscores their position as a key player in the industry, enabling creative and practical uses of hickory and other exotic woods for both traditional and innovative projects.