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    Wenge wood, a striking choice for artisans. Explore a varied selection of Wenge blanks, lumber, and turning woods, all available at competitive prices through Exotic Hardwoods – the premier supplier of Exotic Hardwood in the UK. Discover the allure of Wenge through our thoughtfully curated options and easily place your order online with us today.

    Originating from Central Africa, Wenge wood, scientifically known as Millettia laurentii, presents a distinct appeal that captures the attention of craftsmen. Its deep, dark brown color, often highlighted by black streaks, makes it a preferred choice for a range of projects. This versatile wood is commonly used for crafting bold furniture, intricate detailing, decorative items, and other creations that exhibit both sophistication and character.

    Based in the Staffordshire Moorlands at Megcroft Farm Ipstones, complete with onsite storage facilities, Exotic Hardwoods UK Ltd, is a family run business with over 25 years of experience in the timber industry.

    Kirk Boulton set up Exotic Hardwoods UK Ltd to offer his specialist experience, extensive knowledge and friendly approach to customers old and new.