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  • Ebony Sawn Cut Veneer – 800 x 35 x 3mm – 1 Piece



    Ebony Sawn Cut Veneer – 800 x 35 x mm – 1 Piece

    African Ebony Wood: Crafted Excellence

    • Botanical Name: Diospyros crassiflora
    • Origin: West Africa
    • Appearance: Mostly jet black, occasionally streaked or flecked with grey-brown.
    • Characteristics: Hard, heavy, and superbly workable.
    • Usage: Ideal for fine woodworking, furniture, and guitar making.

    When you work ebony it needs to be rough worked and never left on the lathe or it will crack. The best way to work this wood is to Rough turn, Then put the piece of wood into a bag with its shavings and then air tight the bag. Then with a pen make a few holes and keep in a cool place. This will allow the ebony to dry out slowly. After a couple of weeks go back to the piece and finish.


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