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  • Olivewood – 8″ x 8″ x 2″ – part seasoned



    Olive wood is renowned for its striking appearance and exceptional durability, making it a popular choice for various woodworking projects and artisanal crafts. Sourced primarily from the Mediterranean region, olive wood’s unique grain patterns and rich hues set it apart from other hardwoods.


    • Colour and Grain: Olive wood features a beautiful spectrum of colours, ranging from creamy yellow to dark brown, often interspersed with dark streaks. Its intricate grain patterns are highly distinctive, with swirls and wavy lines that create an eye-catching visual appeal.
    • Texture: The wood has a fine, uniform texture with a natural luster. It is smooth to the touch, which makes it ideal for detailed carving and finishing.
    • Durability: Olive wood is extremely hard and dense, providing excellent resistance to wear and tear. Its robust nature makes it perfect for items that require longevity and strength, such as cutting boards, furniture, and decorative pieces.
    • Workability: Despite its hardness, olive wood is relatively easy to work with using both hand tools and machinery. It can be sanded to a very fine finish, and it takes well to polishing, revealing its natural beauty. It also responds well to turning, making it a favourite among woodturners.


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