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Stone Wolf Guitars New model outfitted with custom blackwood pickups smaller hardware you can contact Mike at Stone wolf
on 07923- 388193

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Exotic Hardwood Jewellery box by Greg Markley Furniture. A beautiful piece of work Greg. You can contact him at or phone 07894 708951

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Lovely photograph of a Electric Guitar made by John Ambler from wood supplied by ExoticHardwoods UK Ltd. Contact John On 07738-818892

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Burr yew fountain pens made by Prestige Pens.
To order direct from Bryn phone 07786 596 062 or email

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Stone Wolf Guitars have created this amazing masterpiece using Poison Wood burl. Incredible colours and grain patterns. This one is fitted with a pair of Bare Knuckle Pickups Aftermaths and Schiller hardware. What a fantastic looking guitar, a work of art.

Please contact Mike at Stone Wolf if you would like to get one 07923-388193

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And now for something completely different...

Shuker Series 2 headless Bass
32" scale custom bass with extended fretboard for the low E, the low E is held down at the 32" scale position by a small string clamp, pressing a button behind and pulling the string down releases it and gives you a 36" scale, 2 more fret positions, now tuned to D. Much like the old Kubicki basses.

Maple / black veneer laminated Neck, Flamed Maple fretboard, Swamp Ash body, polyester basecoat, White lacquer with black zebra stripe finish on top, Satin lacquer finish.

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Kevin brought in 2 bowls made out of Wild African Olivewood and Thuya Burr!

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Horsebows Made by Paragon bows using wood supplied by Exotichardwoodsukltd
Woods used are Ash,Walnut,Padauk,Bamboo,Maple
Bows made to the highest specification contact Rob on

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Snakewood knife handle with a Damascus Steel blade! Made by Mark Shaw, contact him on: 07555104102 if you're interested in custom made knives or firearms, air guns and ammunition! His shop is in Ipstones Staffordshire.

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A stunning acoustic guitar made by Paul Toon Guitars telephone 07766 404533, thanks for the photo Paul great job.

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Pete Bakewell from Bakewell Bows visited us to buy some of the new Indian Rosewood (fully certified) for his bows. This bow handle is made out of Amazaque, contact us for stock information.

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These Masur Birch and Bog Oak bowls are made my Paul Swan. They're a great piece of work! The Masur Birch came from us. The craftsmanship is fantastic! Feel free to email us your work and we'll put it on our Facebook page.

Whatever your exotic hardwood requirement, call us on:

Kirk Mobile:
00 44 (0)791 276 3122

Luke Mobile:
00 44 (0)795 509 2846

Megcroft Farm, Ipstones:
00 44 (0)1538 715060

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